Tuesday, March 17, 2009

By Jenny Jackson
Is prostate cancer recovery achievable? Survival rates quoted by doctors depend upon how far the cancer has spread in the body. Treatments typically offered by oncologists include surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

Yet cancer survivor and author, Karon Beattie, believes that conventional treatments are often ineffective. In her book, Natural Cancer Treatments That Work, Beattie cites studies that show there is no difference in the survival rates between prostate cancer patients who had surgery and the controls who did not and refers to medical reports that radical surgery for prostate cancer tend to spread the disease.

Beattie's book is a collection of over 350 alternative cancer treatments poorly recognised by mainstream doctors because the treatments are generally not patentable by drug companies. She claims that these treatments have enabled over 2,000 people to beat cancer.

Specifically in relation to prostate cancer, Beattie describes how an Australian chemist accidentally discovered a low-cost alkalizing powder to successfully treat his own cancer and help others with prostate cancer.

In addition, Beattie writes about a natural extract that dramatically helped a prostate cancer patient with rapidly progressive metastasis. A research team found that the extract suppressed solid tumor sarcoma by 96.7% in laboratory trials. This outcome seems astonishing for a little known treatment.

Beattie reports that Stanford University researchers found a common anti-biotic shrunk prostate cancers and showed an ability to prevent the initial spread of cancer.

In addition, Beattie provides 196 first hand accounts of people who beat prostate cancer and how they did it. If these stories are accurate, why are these treatments unrecognised by mainstream medicine?

Beattie believes that even though many of the treatments were discovered by respected scientists and researchers, drug companies have little interest in investing in human clinical trials because natural treatments are unpatentable and therefore unprofitable. She believes that cancer patients are being shortchanged and have to trawl the internet looking for treatments successfully used by thousands to beat their cancer.

People hoping for prostate cancer recovery will find these compelling stories difficult to ignore in their efforts to survive.

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