Tuesday, March 17, 2009

By Alan Wighton
Prostate cancer, the male equivalent of breast cancer, has many known causes. Before you can eliminate prostate cancer you need to know these causes. To successfully become free of the problem, doesn't it make sense to identify the factors which caused it in the first place and remove those causes and then allow the body to heal itself, which it will do? It is very rare for prostate cancer like all other cancers to have a single cause. It is more typically triggered by a combination of the following; nutritional deficiencies, the toxins in your environment, our sedentary lifestyle and emotional conflict.

Known foods that contribute to prostate cancer are a diet high in animal fat, the consumption of processed meat or pressed meats which contain the additives sodium nitrate or sodium nitrite. It's also caused by our low consumption of fresh fruit and vegetables.

1 - Fresh fruit and vegetables are man's natural food and all contain phytonutrients which have cancer fighting properties. For instance research has found that both tomatoes and broccoli contain phytonutrients that are beneficial in both fighting cancer and keeping us cancer free. Their benefits are said to be even greater when eaten together.

2 - The chemicals we use daily do cause us health problems, many of them have not been tested for safety and none have been tested for long term reaction like cancer. We are surrounded by them as we breath them in as in exhaust gases and industry pollution, we apply them to our skin as in personal care products and our body rapidly absorbs them. They are also in our processed foods as additives, such as food colourings, and most food colourings are from artificial sources.

3 - Our bodies were built to be physically active and we'll inevitably pay the price if we neglect this basic and fundamental need. The way exercise is related to cancer is, it boosts our all important immune system and cancer is simply a disease of a weak immune system. Our immune system doesn't have a pump like the heart but relies on muscular activity to circulate the fluid within the immune system. The immune system defends the body against bacteria, viruses and other foreign invaders including cancer cells.

4 - Emotional stress can have a devastating effect on the immune system which can bring on all cancers, not just prostate cancer. This type of stress is usually causes by major problems in one's life like a financial crises or even marital conflict. Don't be afraid to seek the help from someone experienced in counselling for these types of problems.

5 - Remember, prostate cancer is not causes by bad luck, it is caused by bad management, the more you choose to get involved, the greater a difference you can make to the outcome of your disease. It is essential that you base your decisions for your treatment on sound knowledge so in the end you will restore your health. Prostate cancer is an entirely preventable and curable disease.

Alan Wighton is an independent health researcher, having spent many years gaining knowledge, particularly on the subject of cancer. If you have found this article helpful and would like to learn more, visit his website where you can download a free article that has been written with facts and information to help people overcome their cancer. http://www.cancerhealed.com

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