Tuesday, March 17, 2009

By George McKenzie
Through the years there have been a number of studies conducted to determine the connection between prostate cancer and alcohol. One such study was done at Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center which is located in Seattle. In this test 1,456 men answered a dietary questionnaire that was detailed in nature and they underwent a personal evaluation. These men were between the ages of forty and sixty-four years old.

The scientists collected all the information they could that would even slightly influence the risk of getting this type of cancer. Information included age, height, weight, race, family history, occupation, lifestyle, sexual history, caloric intake and even marital status. Their complete medical history was reviewed and then a detailed account of their alcohol consumption was assessed.

What Was Found In the Study?

In this study the scientists went a step further than they have with other studies by separating the different types of alcohol that were consumed. Data revealed that men who consumed more than thirty-five beers a week for about eight years or more actually increased their risk of cancer of the prostate. However, men who drank wine reduced their risk.

Further studies showed that red wine was contributed the most benefits for reducing risk factors. In fact, it was determined that men who consumed somewhere between four and seven glasses of red wine could reduce their risk of prostate cancer by as much as fifty-two percent. Red wine also appeared to help protect against other aggressive or advanced types of cancers.

Why Does Red Wine Reduce Your Risk?

Why does red wine make such a difference? The truth is that no one really knows, but there are some theories.

For instance, red wine contains flavonoids and resveratrol, which both contain antioxidant properties. It appears that some of these properties counterbalance androgens, which are the hormones that stimulate the prostate glands. Tests show that resveratrol can induce apoptosis which is a process that kills the prostate cancer cells. The flavonoids seem to reduce the PSA production of prostate cancer cells, which actually suggest that a decrease in cellular activity is taking place.

Very seldom will a doctor recommend that you drink alcohol to enhance your health and for good reason. Many people could use this as an excuse to become an alcoholic and excessive alcohol use could cause other serious medical conditions.

It's also important to remember that this was just one study and more need to be conducted so results can be compared. Considering the results of this study, however, it's probably reasonable to assume that a favorable link between red wine and prostate cancer will be confirmed in the future.

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George McKenzie is a retired TV anchor, medical reporter and radio talk show host. He is a frequent contributor to Health Information Articles, a resource site about health and wellness

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