Tuesday, March 17, 2009

By James Kernal
A common concern amongst prostate cancer patients who are deciding on the right treatment for them is about the possibility of impotence. Becoming impotent is a very stressful thing for any man, and it is definitely something you need to be aware of before starting any treatment. As always you should discuss these matters with your doctor or medical professional who'll be able to give you advice specifically for your personal needs and feelings.

Can Prostate Cancer Treatment Cause Impotence?

Some prostate cancer survivors who have had treatment (usually via radiation therapy) do find themselves without the sexual functionality that they had before, that is true. While sometimes this is a temporary problem and doesn't affect everyone, it can also be a long term condition.

Is It Just Radiation Therapy That Can Cause Impotence?

Radiation therapy works by killing the cancer cells, but there are often side effects due to damaging of non-cancerous cells. However impotence can also be caused by other forms of treatment in some cases. To find out the exact side effects of a treatment you should always talk it through thoroughly with your doctor.

Is Impotence Permanent?

There have been limited successes with some medications that aim to reverse the effects of impotence, but the most promising by far is a drug called Cialis. Again, this is something you should contact your doctor about if you think it may help you.

Impotence is a real problem amongst prostate cancer survivors, and should be discussed with your doctor before committing to any treatment. Many men who do survive prostate cancer treatment regain their sexual functionality, but not in all cases.

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