Tuesday, March 17, 2009

By Joan Gosselin
There is conflicting evidence concerning resveratrol and prostate cancer treatment. But, the majority of researchers agree that there is a resveratrol prostate cancer prevention connection. Antioxidants and natural anti-inflammatories are believed to help prevent a variety of different types of cancers.

Some may say that there is no proven benefit to humans, but proving that something prevents cancerous growths is difficult to do in humans.

First there is the question of experimenting on human beings. Then there is a moral problem about withholding something that is potential beneficial from a test group.

Last, there's the matter of time. A study would need to be ongoing for the study group's entire life and there would still be no way to determine how many of the people might have developed the disease, had they not been given the active supplement.

So, when it comes to resveratrol and prostate cancer prevention, the best suggestion is to give it a try. It can't hurt and it might help.

Besides the resveratrol prostate cancer prevention potential, there are other possible health benefits to supplementation, including a decreased risk of heart disease, type II diabetes and possibly a longer lifespan.

Oxidation affects all forms of life. Without it, nothing would ever rot, rust, die or biodegrade in other ways and the planet would soon be overcrowded. For people, animals and all life, there is a time to live and a time to die. Most of us would just like to live the longest healthiest life possible.

In order to do that, we must protect ourselves from oxidation, as much as possible.

The resveratrol prostate cancer preventative mechanism has partly to do with preventing oxidation, but it has also been shown in the laboratory to retard tumor growth and even cause cancer cells to die.

Many other plant compounds have been shown to prevent oxidation, including those found in green tea.

In fact, in the US, green tea supplements are allowed to carry the claim that the supplement may help prevent prostate and breast cancers. The resveratrol and prostate cancer research has not come quite as far as that concerning green tea.

So, there are no FDA verified health claims for the supplement.

There are some alternative practitioners that may recommend a resveratrol prostate cancer treatment, but typically, they suggest a variety of plant extracts, including lycopene from the tomato, catechins from green tea, extracts from saw palmetto and a kind of nutritive "cocktail".

Judging by many years of evidence, good nutrition is the key to a healthy life. Researchers want to learn which nutrients are most important, but it is likely that no one is more important than any other.

If you are interested in resveratrol and prostate cancer prevention, the supplements to look for are those with an enteric coating. It is one of the many nutrients that are not highly bio-available.

If you are interested in a resveratrol prostate cancer treatment, I suggest that you seek the help of a doctor of naturopathic medicine.

That type of doctor will give you a complete plan to follow, which will almost surely include conventional treatments, as well.

More research is still being conducted concerning resveratrol and prostate cancer.

In the mean time, there are excellent health supplements on the market. You just need to shop with care.

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