Tuesday, March 17, 2009

By Karen A Graham
Green tea and prostate cancer is something that scientists have been studying now for about ten years. Although different studies have shown slightly different findings all of them apart from the FDA have agreed that de-oxidized tea provides good protection from developing prostate and other forms of cancer.

The Italian Study

An Italian study led by Salverio Bettuzzi, PhD, which was undertaken by two universities showed just how effective this extract is in protecting men from developing prostate tumors. Their findings showed that the catechins in un-fermented tea were able to give a massive 90% protection rate from the disease.

The green tea and prostate cancer study was undertaken with a group of 62 men with ages ranging from 45 - 75 and that had a condition that would normally, within a year lead to developing malignant prostate cells. The group was split into three and two thirds of them were given 200mg of the extract three times a day. The rest of the group were given a placebo.

At the end of 6 months the groups were examined and biopsies were taken. Only one person from the group that had received the extract developed the disease while 9 men from the smaller group developed prostate cancer.

Nutraceuticals are Under Used in Peventing Disease

Scientists strongly believe that nutraceuticals are under used in preventing oncology diseases as they contain strong chemopreventive properties. They also believe that men who are at risk from getting prostate cancer should include this extract in their daily diet.

Different Methods of Getting the Benefits of This Drink

Not everyone likes the taste of it a friend of mine thinks that it tastes like cow pat and will not drink it. Another friend, on the other hand, introduced me to the supplement that she takes. It contains a decaffeinated form of the extract and also over 70 other life protecting and enhancing nutrients with such compounds as resveratrol, milk thistle, aloe vera and many more.

They are an amazing supplement which I now love taking every day and since taking them I have noticed that my energy levels have increased, I am looking younger and my husband enjoys the green tea and prostate cancer protection that it gives to him.

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