Tuesday, March 17, 2009

By Bob F Hall
My name is Bob. Why go through the pain of medical treatment with prostate cancer? I believe you and I were put on this earth to help other people. If you do a good turn for someone, someone else will do a good turn for you. It also works the other way. You get what you give, good, bad or indifferent. With that said I would like to tell you my story as it may be of some help to you or someone you love.

I have had prostate cancer for 18 years; I am still "fit" without having any of the doctors medicine or treatment. I have kept it under control with herbs and natural products. I should state, I am not a doctor, I am only relating what has happened to me and what action I have taken to keep it under control. I should also say that I have about 40 books on the subject. What I have found or learned has come from other people through books and personal contact, coupled with my own personal experiences.

My first recommendation is, if or when you are diagnosed with any cancer, do not let it worry you. Worry never helped any situation. In fact, many people die from FEAR (that word stands for False Evidence Appearing Real). God never made any junk. He gave us an immune system to take care of any disease that we might get. The only proviso is that our immune system must not become overloaded with toxins.

My second recommendation is to eliminate as many toxins from your system as possible. Stop taking in toxins (cut out junk food) and eliminate processed foods. Eat fresh, organic and unprocessed foods whenever possible.

My third recommendation is to get rid of parasites from your body. All people with cancer have parasites in their body. Kill the parasites and you have killed the cancer. Killing the parasites is an ongoing process, so attack the problem from several directions. There are a lot of natural things that will kill cancer cells without harming good cells or your immune system. In fact, some things enhance your immune system. Remember you must make changes, if you keep doing what you have been doing and expect to have a change, you are foolish. Even when you find something that works, it may only work for a while. Your body makes changes when new substances are added to your system. We are all different, but you will find one day that what you have been doing stops working. Be vigilant! Keep looking for something else that will make a difference.

Ask yourself a question, does it make any logical sense to poison all the cells in your body, (good and bad) and depress your immune system at the same time? Chemo and radiation do just that!

With prostate cancer you will need the doctor to refer you to pathology to get a Prostate Specific Antigen count about every 3 months. This will show you if what you are doing is making the problem better or worse. Do NOT have a biopsy. I value your life! Just add your name and E-mail address on my web site and you may download this free.

Please leave any comments or questions on my web site, I will either answer then by E-mail or in my next article, thank you.

My website is - http://www.nodrugcancertreatment.com

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